This work of art, Masks, is to show the unity and diversity of India a country rich in cultural heritage and is inspired by the indigenous tribes of India, their lifestyle and folk culture also taking into account the traditional art of mask- making which was once a flourishing industry now witnessing a steep decline. Masks have been used for a variety of reasons, right from ritualistic purposes, dances, and in certain cultures and traditions, to ward off evil spirits. The tribal and festival masks of India represent deities, ancestral spirits and mythological characters, a culture that the Indian subcontinent has been thriving upon for centuries. The Indian cow known and worshipped as ” gau mata ” meaning ” sacred cow ” is an essential part of this illustration mainly as it is regarded a sacred Indian animal by most tribes and communities and is almost universally recognized as a symbol of life’s continuance and motherhood.

I generally make rough pencil sketches of the main subject like the ones above before they are digitally enhanced after which I add other elements like flowers, ethnic pottery, animals, etc…as in the case of this illustration, directly using my Wacom pen tab.